Our Services


We serve all children 0-12. Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, among other conditions 


We serve teens 13-18 with different conditions and in different settings. 


We serve Adults 18+ and Elderly. Alzheimer, Parkinson, Cancer, Palliative, HIV, among other conditions


Hispanic Populations

The Hispanic population reached 57 million in the United States. It is the largest ethnic minority.  Cultural differences among countries and the Spanish language are relevant topics  when serving hispanics. We specialize in Hispanic populations and musics.


We provide presentations about music therapy in English, Spanish, and other languages. We advise your family or institution about the use of music in your home or institution and how it could help the health of individuals and communities in and outside the United States.


We provide worldwide online support to Hispanic families inside and outside the US and help to find music therapists near you that can serve your needs. We will provide assessment and a plan that can help improve your quality of life.