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Music Therapy

Our Mission is to increase awareness of the therapeutic aspects of music and empower all people through music. We serve a diverse group of clients of all ages, genders, and ethnicities in need of music therapy services. We specialize in Hispanic populations, bilingual, and multicultural individuals.


Spanish, Portuguese and English

We provide multicultural music therapy services for ages 0 to 120 in Spanish, English, Portuguese and many other languages. You choose the language! 

All clients are welcome including refugees!



We provide individual and group music therapy to children, teens, adults and elderly with any condition, in your home or a community room near you. Our services include music therapy for a wide range of conditions from daily life stress to end of life pain relief, from music for your unborn child, to sessions with autistic children or adults. Anything and everything could be treated with music!

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Our office is located in Quincy, MA but our therapists go everywhere in Massachusetts.


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